Government extends duty edges for exports of sure farm, agri product

Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu in a tweet said that: “MEIS incentives introduced/increased for milk/dairy sector, onion and deoiled soya cake for the benefit of milk producers, farmers”.


NEW DELHI: the govt nowadays accumulated further as extended duty edges to bound agriculture and farm sector things below a theme to spice up their exports.

The duty edges were increased and extended below the Merchandise Export from Bharat theme (MEIS).

Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu during a tweet aforementioned that: “MEIS incentives introduced/increased for milk/dairy sector, onion and deoiled legume cake for the advantage of milk producers, farmers”.

The new product which might avail the MEIS profit includes skim milk, milk food for babies, whole milk, milk, yoghurt, buttermilk, farm spreads, butter oil, contemporary cheese and casein.

this stuff would get MEIS export edges at the speed of ten per cent until Jan next year from nowadays onward.

On the opposite hand, MEIS rates were increased to 9 agri product like contemporary onion, butter, clarified butter and cheese.

below this theme, the govt provides duty credit security to exporters. The rates vary from product to product and and also the export destination, as envisaged within the foreign national trading policy.

Rewards below the theme square measure collectible as proportion of accomplished free-on-board worth and MEIS duty credit security are often transferred or used for payment of variety of duties as well as the essential customs.

“The MEIS profit for sure things are increased for an exact amount and a few new things enclosed,” board general of foreign trade aforementioned during a public notice.


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