Indenting companies challenge IGST levy on export services

The petitioners have challenged the Constitutional validity of Section 13(8) (b) of the IGST Act that deems the place of provide for “intermediary” services to be in Asian country.

MUMBAI: Indenting agents of foreign purchasers have filed a slew of legal document petitions within the Gujarat tribunal difficult the pertinency of eighteen per cent IGST on export services. Thousands of middlemen play a crucial role within the export and import of products, particularly raw materials in key industries.

thanks to sure provisions within the current GST law indenting agents ought to pay tax on services rendered in Republic of India however if they open associate workplace in urban center, city or Ceylon, they’re exempted. The agents commerce services and earning exchange feel they’re being punished for qualifying as “intermediary” below Section 2(13) of the CGST Act.

The petitioners have challenged the Constitutional validity of Section 13(8) (b) of the IGST Act that deems the place of offer for “intermediary” services to be in Republic of India.

The indenting agents additionally stand to lose against alternative services suppliers United Nations agency export services outside Republic of India while not paying taxes and claiming good thing about ITC refunds at constant time.

“There were folks that have opened dummy firms in urban center even once all their services were being rendered out of Republic of India. they solely had somebody in urban center United Nations agency would collect the money,” aforesaid associate ex-customs officer on the condition of obscurity.

Indenting agents in alternative countries don’t seem to be taxed. associate eighteen % cut on associate Republic of Indian player’s margin not solely destroys aggressiveness within the international market however additionally makes it not possible for them to try to to business in India. As a result, several such agents square measure shifting base to additional favourable jurisdictions.

Multiple representations are filed by intermediaries to get rid of the aforesaid provisions from the GST however the govt and therefore the GST Council appear to own unnoticed these recommendations.

Finally, these agents have approached Gujarat tribunal.

“The treater provisions are bimanual over as bequest provisions from the service tax regime. however this does not modification the very fact that the provisions square measure inherently discretional and offending of Article fourteen and Article nineteen of the Constitution. we’ve challenged the provisions supported flightiness and absence of intelligible difference with a hope that GST Council can pop out with a practical answer to the matter. Clearly, Republic of India isn’t following international best practices as way as heavy treater services square measure involved. Republic of India ought to try towards commerce services and not commerce taxes,” aforesaid Abhishek A Rastogi, partner, Khaitan & Co.

“This, per se, is associate recent issue having originated within the negative list regime of service tax. There was a glimmer of hope, within the model GST law, of a possible helpful provision that failed to pass. constant was tweaked to line up with the position below service tax. Another challenge is whether or not or not a selected activity would qualify as “intermediary”, that might have potential for proceeding, Suresh Nair, Partner EY.


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