India-Afghanistan trade possible to succeed in $2 bn by 2020: Afghan Ambassador

India-Afghanistan have opened up two direct air cargo routes linking New Delhi and Mumbai to Kabul. The Kabul-Mumbai route was opened up last year.


The bilateral trade between Republic of India and Asian nation is anticipated to quite double to achieve USD two billion by 2020 with the gap of air product route between the 2 countries.

“The bilateral trade between Republic of India and Asian nation is USD 900 million and with gap of air passageway our target to require it to USD two billion by 2020,” Asian nation Ambassador to Republic of India, Sahida Mohammad Abdali nowadays same at associate USAID-FICCI event.

India-Afghanistan have spread out 2 direct air product routes linking New Delhi and urban center to national capital. The Kabul-Mumbai route was spread out last year.

Since beginning of national capital -New city air passageway in time period two017 followed by second air passageway between Kabul-Mumbai in December 2017 quite a hundred Flights are conducted between the 2 countries and transported 2,500 metric tonnes of products.

“We wish additional and additional flights however landing throughout night hours isn’t allowed. These square measure little problems which can be resolved over time as plans to ascertain air passageway reference to additional Indian cities,” Economic authority to President Ashraf Ghani of Asian nation, Ajmal Ahmadi same.
He same that Asian nation has spread out its power, pharmaceutical, optical cable producing and different sectors by permitting a hundred per cent foreign direct investment wherever it’s wanting forward to important participation from Indian corporations.

“Afghanisatn still considers Republic of India because the largest marketplace for agriculture and craft product. throughout the last 3 years national capital exported regarding ten,200 metric tonnes tonnes in volume to Republic of India. In last one year alone, it went up to two,500 metric tonnes and this year we have a tendency to expect it to achieve five,000 metric metric ton,”Ahmadi same.

He same that Asian nation goes to form changes in existing rules for mineral sector within the country, which can boost the bilateral trade with Republic of India.

Abdali same that Indian and Asian nation corporations had last year signed business agreement value USD 250 million throughout a similar event command last year.

“Today a couple of USD two million deal has been signed between Indian and Asian nation corporations. we have a tendency to expect more deals to be signed in next 2 days,” Abdali same.
Indian firm Generous Treasures and Asian nation Red Gold Saffron at the event signed deal to make a joint-venture firm with equal investments to sell around two.5 tonnes of saffron throughout forthcoming season of the crop, representatives of the 2 firm same.


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