Indian buffalo meat exports could stay flat

Industry experts said the improved performance may not extend to the rest of the year as uncertainties continue to plague the market.


KOCHI: India’s buffalo meat exports area unit seemingly to stay flat this yr despite a noteworthy 15 August 1945 jump within the initial 2 months.

trade specialists aforementioned the improved performance might not reach the remainder of the year as uncertainties still plague the market.

Buffalo meat exports rose 15 August 1945 year-on-year in volume to 194,500 tonnes and 100% in price to Rs three,928 large integer in April and should, knowledge from the Agriculture & Processed Food merchandise Export Development Authority (Apeda) shows.

“New problems keep cropping up, dragging the exports down,” aforementioned Priya Sud, partner at Al-Noor Exports, a Delhi-based businessperson of frozen buffalo meat. “We ought to shed the conservative approach to buffalo meat exports for the shipments to travel up.”

Earlier, the government’s ending exercise and a ban on the sale of bovine for slaughter had hit exports of buffalo meat. The latter was scrapped in April this year, abundant to the industry’s relief.

But, per the trade, alternative issues just like the foot and mouth sickness (FMD) ought to be restrained effectively to boost the exports.

“At gift, China, an oversized shopper, isn’t shopping for directly from North American nation thanks to concern of FMD. however our exports area unit going via Vietnam thereto country,’’ aforementioned Fauzan Alavi, vp and advocator of All Asian nation Meat and eutherian mammal Exporters Association. Vietnam, Asian country and Dutch East Indies area unit among the highest consumers of Indian buffalo meat.

He aforementioned Maharashtra and Telangana are declared FMD-free states however the majority of the assembly takes place in province, wherever the matter persists.

“Though the govt. and trade area unit operating along, a lot of must be done as FMD-free meat can command a decent value from massive countries like China and therefore the North American nation,” Alavi aforementioned.

Another issue cropping up is that the planned closure of tanneries in province from Dec 2018 to March 2019 on account of the Kumbh Mela at Allahabad. As raw hide export, a meat by-product, atracts serious duty, it largely goes to the tanneries.

“We ought to be allowed to export raw hide while not duty as closure can rob North American nation the financial gain from raw hide,”Alavi aforementioned.

concerning four years past, Asian nation had become the world’s high provider of buffalo meat, passing Brazil, with the annual export touching over Rs twenty nine,000 crore. The exports, however, fell to Rs26,688 large integer in 2015-16 and remained stagnant at around Rs twenty six,000 large integer within the future 2 years.


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