Rising digitalization offers $39 billion export chance for Indian business by 2022: Report

It identified that Asia-Pacific is one in every of the foremost enticing regions for growth by Indian players – with China, Asian country and Republic of Indonesia as key target countries.

“NEW DELHI: Rising conversion can unlock a possible $39 billion value of export opportunities for Indian businesses in choose verticals by 2022, up from $16 billion in 2017, says a Google-KPMG report.

Travel, media and recreation, software-as-a service (SaaS), client brands similarly as property square measure the verticals providing high-tension export opportunities, in keeping with the the report titled ‘Indian Brands Going Global: A $39 billion opportunity’.

Asia Pacific is one amongst the foremost enticing region for growth by Indian players — with China, Malaya and country as key target countries, it said.

“This growth is diode by rising economies, driven by adoption of mobile phones; this mix is driving a awfully quickly growing cross-border mobile ecommerce,” same Shalini Girish, director, promoting solutions, at Google India.

Digitally mature geographies like the US and kingdom square measure different profitable geographies that may be broached through digital channels, the report same.

Sector wise, the report has known Asia-Pacific and geographic region because the broad focus markets for travel, with the UAE and country seen as terribly high potential markets for Indian on-line travel agencies.

For the media and recreation vertical, markets just like the us, the uk, the UAE and mobile-first markets like Brazil square measure very profitable for video consumption, it said.

Asia Pacific is that the focus region for client brands — the fastest-growing region in attire and consumer goods, whereas China, Vietnam and country square measure quickly growing jewelry markets, the report same.

client whole market in choose retail verticals is anticipated to grow $2.64 billion by 2022 from $1.5 billion in 2017, it said. “Geographically, share of developing economies in world trade is on the increase,” same Sreedhar Prasad, head, client markets business informatory, at KPMG India.

“This presents a compelling case for Indian Businesses to ‘Look East’ for growth,” he said. “


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