Seller Benefits


The art of selling smart

Customers always choose to buy products that look the best and have the most accurate descriptions. We help you attract customers with smart cataloging. Get attractive images and clear description of your products and grab customers’ attention.

We have 100+ catalog partners across India who will assist you with:
  • Quick design and development of your catalogs
  • Best quality images
  • Clear and complete description of your products
  • Catalog that prompts quick buying decision

You receive expert cataloging solutions from professionals who assist you in creating best product catalogs.

Easy pick-up and delivery

Delivering your products to 100+ Countries

Our ever-growing logistics network ensures faster delivery of your products across India. Your customers get great service and you get better ratings.

Our logistics network:
  • Ensures smooth pick-up and delivery of your products
  • Superior experience for your customers
  • Effortless order fulfillment through 200+ pick-up hubs and 10,000+ delivery personnel

Our logistics network is one of the largest in the industry and growing. Come onboard and sell to crores of customers Globally.


Your earnings don’t keep you waiting

Re-invest profits to generate more business without any delay. At Nava India, you get your payments within 7-15 business days of dispatching an order. The payment is made directly to your bank account, thus making the whole process fast and easy.

Easy and fast payment process. You get:
  • Fastest payment for fulfilled orders
  • Quick re-investing opportunities
  • Detailed information on payment settlement on seller dashboard

Experience smooth cash flow. Start selling on Nava India and grow your business with the fastest payment cycle in the industry.


Get funds for your business the Nava India way

With Growth Capital, we provide you with convenient access to financial assistance for your business needs. Through our network of trusted partners, you will get access to capital at competitive rates, with zero collateral and quick turnaround time.

With Growth Capital you can:
  • Get financial assistance for your business from our trusted partners
  • Buy more inventory and enhance your listings
  • Invest in building your brand
  • Grow your business faster on Nava India

Contact us for your capital requirements
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