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Nava Narasimhar temple, Avaniapuram

About the temple
This beautiful temple is on a small hillock in two tiers. The first tier has Lord Lakshmi Narsimhar, Alarmel mangai thayar and Pancha Narasimhar sannadhis. There is a small Garuda sannadhi inside the temple and Anjaneya sannadhi outside the main sannadhi in the first tier. The second tier has sannadhis for Lord Srinivasar, Sholingur Narsimhar, Varadaraja perumal and Ranganatha perumal.
In this moolavar sannadhi, thayar in the lap of Lord Narsimhar also has a Lion face in this temple. The day the goddess got the Lion face from the Lord is celebrated once in 60 years. Lord Narasimhar is said to have appeared here in the form of five Divyadesam lords for Brighu Maharishi.

How to reach

The temple is on the Vandavasi – Arani highway. The distance from Chennai is around 135 kms. The best route from Chennai is to take the GST road and take the right towards Uttiramerur. Proceed towards Kanchipuram road and take the left towards Vandavasi. After reaching Vandavasi, take the right towards Arani and exactly at the 26th km from Vandavasi, there is an arch on the left with the board of Avaniapuram. The temple is about 1.4 kms from the Arch.

Lakshmi NarasimharPancha Narasimhar with Adi seshan and Kalinga NardhanarAlarmelmangai thayarSrinivasarRanganatharSholingur NarasimharGarudaAnjaneya

Specialty of the temple
1. Apart from Lord Narasimhar, thayar and garudan also have Lion face.
2. One can have darshan of five important divyadesam lords in the same temple – Ahobila nava narasimhar, Sholingur Narasimhar, Tirupathi Balaji, Kanchi Varadaraja perumal and Srirangam Ranganathar perumal.
Temple timings
The temple is open in the mornings from 6 am to 12 noon and in the evenings from 3 pm to 8 pm. There is heavy rush on Saturdays and the timings extend to 1 pm in the afternoon and till 11 pm in the night.
Temples in proximity
Tennangur Panduranga temple (32 kms), Uttiramerur Sundara Varada perumal temple (55 kms)


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