which is the sweetest mango in India?

Types of Mangoes


This variety of mango was introduced by emperor sher shah suri in 1500s. This mango type is grown in north, this juicy and sweet variety of mango grow during July-August months. It is known by its yellow golden colour. If you want to make mango juice then consider chaunsa for mango juice pulp.


Dasheri is also called as malihabadi, Lucknow is the place where these varieties of mangoes cultivate. The first dasheri was cultivates in Lucknow. Dasheri are one of the most favourite types of mango due to its sweet taste and strong aroma. It has a long shape and are bright yellow in colour.


Langra aam is the famous mango variety grow in Varanasi. Langra aams are green in colour, oval-shaped. It cultivate sin the month of July-august.


Kesar aam are best for making aam ras. Kesar cultivated in between April-July. Kesar mangoes are of bright orange colours this it’s name is kesar. It is also among the expensive mango varieties.


Alphonso’s is also one of the most loved mango types. This juicy sweet mango is most popular mango variety available in the world. It has a creamy pulp and is rich in flavour. It is characterised by its tinge of red found on the top of the fruit. Mainly it is found in Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Cultivated between may-June.


Benishan mango is a mango type cultivated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also known as from it’s another popular name banganpalle because it is most commonly produced around banganapalle village. Safeda and Chappatao ate other names. These mangoes are usually large in size.

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